Thursday, June 18, 2009

Larkin's Shoes

We have been having Vacation Bible School all week; and three kids were saved on Tuesday night!!

All week long we have been having a competition between the girls and the boys. During VBS we have two buckets that hang on a scale and the kids drop their pennies into the buckets and whoever's bucket (girls or boys) that weighs more wins. We keep track of how many nights the girls win and how many the boys win.

The girls won Sunday and Monday. Yay Girlz!!! But on Tuesday, the tides changed and the boys brought it! I mean brought it!! I'm talking gallon bags full of pennies! So, they took the girls down on Tuesday! And Wednesday, they brought it again!

Looking at the buckets on Wednesday evening, you could just tell the boys had won again. There bucket was almost full, and the girl's bucket only a 1/3 full. Needed something to weigh the girls bucket down, quickly became our goal. So, our VBS Directors, Fran and Melinda, tossed in their shoes (keep in mind this still wasn't going to be enough weight, those boyz brought some serious pennies).

In front of the scale and the offering buckets, sitting on the floor, was our toddlers class. They were watching everything. And when Fran and Melinda took their shoes off and put them in the bucket, our youth minister's daughter took her shoes off and put them in the bucket too! In an attempt to be funny, we learned a life lesson from a 3 year old. No matter how much you have to give, everything you give is important to God!

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