Monday, July 13, 2009

New Day

So, I've been listening to Avalon this morning. Avalon's songs are great when I need to refocus. The lyrics are so uplifting. I don't know what I would do without my music. LOL! I guess, I would have to read more if that is even possible.

The first song on I listened to was New Day. It talked about how we live our lives and how we all have broken dreams and regrets from each day. But through the grace of God we can awake each morning to a brand new day.

The LORD within her is righteous; he does no wrong.
Morning by morning he dispenses his justice,
and every new day he does not fail.
Zephaniah 3:5
It's such a blessing to serve a God that doesn't care how many times we mess up. He gives us chocies and we may make a mess of them but, that's part of being human. It doesn't excuse the bad chocies we make, but it gives us hope that we can rise above them. He gives us a new hope because through Him we will never be the same. Each new day, He is changing us.
Thank God, It's a brand new day!

Friday, July 10, 2009

What A Day!

Well, Today was my Mom's birthday. What a blessing this day has been.

She was an immaculate Mother. She took us to Sunday School and church. She raised me to believe in my dreams, but to follow God's will. She took care of me when I couldn't take care of me and I did the same for her in return. Taking care of dying parent or grandparent (who is very much like a parent) is never easy. But, being a 18 year old "kid" for lack of better word is earth shattering.

But, I learned so much from her in only 18 years. And I'm still learning from her even though she is not physical here with me on this Earth.

Somethings, I've learned from her are:
  • Glass breaks, but she'll forgive me because she loves me more than her china.
  • Changing the toilet paper roll will not kill you, it only takes a second.
  • Washing dishes is not hazardous to your health.
  • The dog can't feed himself.
  • You don't have to like me, just remember I love you.
  • Whenever you feel the walls closing in on you, remember God is still there with you.
  • Always remember to pray, because prayer changes everything.
  • Going to church makes a difference in your life, even if you can't see it.
  • Take care of your family, they are the only one your going to get.
  • Don't leave the rabbit on the couch, he won't be there when you get back.
  • Your not invincible, you can't fly...So, don't try, you will hurt yourself.
  • Coffee tables are not trampolines.

Well, there you have some of the wisdom of my youth. I'm sure I'll think of some later, but that's all I have for now.

Happy Birthday Mom!